Civila samhället

Vetenskapsrådets ramprogram för forskning om det civila samhället


Preliminära resultat september 2013 / Preliminary results September 2013

Den 6 september 2013 hölls ett arbetsseminarium i Göteborg då preliminära resultat redovisades. Här nedan finns länkar till de olika delprojektens rapporter till detta seminarium (engelska).

September 6 2013 a work seminar took place in Gothenburg. Preliminary results were presented. Here are links to the reports from each project to this seminar.

Summary report

E. Lilja: Swedish Research Council’s program for Research on the Civil Society – Summary and Discussion of Preliminary Results September 2013

Project reports

Kerstin Jacobsson et al: Institutional constraints and creative solutions: Civil society in Poland in a comparative perspective

Staffan Johansson et al: Between voice and service – The role of voluntary organizations in a changing welfare society

Johan Lagerkvist: Challenging power In China: The formation of new citizen norms in emerging civil society

Mona Lilja et al: A paradoxical conflict over world heritage at the border between Cambodia an Thailand

Elisabeth Lindberg: The Borderland between Civil Society and the Personal Sphere

Anna Meeuwisse et al: Beyond the Welfare State: the Europanization of Swedish Civil Society Organizations

Diana Mulinari et al: Dreaming Change: Women and the Creation of Civil Societies in Europe, Asia and Latin America

Daniel Naurin et al: Who are the lobbyists? A comparative study of organized civil society in Sweden

PerOla Öberg et al: Civil Society and Enlightened Welfare Politics

Nora Räthzel et al: Moments of danger; moments of opportunity: the role of individuals in transforming organizations. A qualitative and quantitative study of trade union officials in Brazil, South Africa, India, Sweden, the UK and Spain

Steven Saxonberg et al: The Semi-Civil Society in Vietnam: a Possible Pathway for Democratization?

Alexandra Segerberg et al: Digital media and civil society networks: National and transnational publics

Helena Stensöta: Welfare state, value, local context and child and youth wellbeing

Lars Svedberg et al: Citizens’ participation in Swedish civil society – A study of change and continuity

Stellan Vinthagen et al: Globalisation of Resistance: Influences on Democracy Advocators in Civil Society in the South