Civila samhället

Vetenskapsrådets ramprogram för forskning om det civila samhället

Motståndets globalisering: Påverkan på demokrati förespråkare i civil samhället i syd

Stellan Vinthagen, Docent, institutionen för globala studier, Göteborgs universitet, projektledare.

Mikael Baaz, Docent, Handelshögskolan, Göteborgs universitet.

Mona Lilja, Fil dr, institutionen för globala studier, Göteborgs universitet.

Michael Schultz, Docent, institutionen för globala studier, Göteborgs universitet.



The idea of this program is to continue to develop and build a profound research environment at the School of Global studies (SGS), University of Gothenburg, in which researchers dealing with civil society and resistance are brought together. The specific aim is to understand how various civil societies and their resistance transform under the impact of an increasing globalization, and what that means for democratization. In this, a historical and comparative framework will be used to analyze the civil societies in three selected countries (Cambodia, India, and Palestine). The main research questions of the program are: (1) How does globalization create new obstacles and new options for the resistance of the civil societies of Cambodia, India, and Palestine? (2) What new articulations (forms, sites, strategies, technologies and agents) of resistance are fostered as the civil societies of Cambodia, India, and Palestine is exposed to processes of globalization?         (3) What factors can explain the obstacles/options and articulations of resistance for democracy driven civil society organizations in Cambodia, India, and Palestine? During the field research in the selected countries interviews with various stakeholders will be carried out and policy documents, strategic plans and other published material from civil society organizations will be collected and analyzed in order to identify the objectives, strategies, and implementation plans of the civil society organizations.


» List of publications – RESIST research group (link)

» Jan Aart Sholte: “Civil Society and Financial Markets, What Is Not Happening and Why” (link)