This is the Feminist Wonder Working Group blog, where we collect theories and methods that can make a difference.

The purpose with this blog is to; 1) create an inventory of feminist theories and concepts that have had an impact on our work as designers, educators, researchers, and activists; 2) develop a feminist toolbox for the CSCW community to strengthen our feminist literacy.

We invite YOU to submit to the Feminist Wonder Working Group toolkit! Specifically, we are looking for short stories that exemplify moments that you have: 

  • felt successful in centring feminist methodologies
  • encountered challenges, and/or
  • connected theory to practice in new and exciting ways

These stories will go into a repository on this website for other feminist scholars to reference and take inspiration from in their own work.

The starting point for our work is “feminist wonder” [2]. Feminist, meaning “recognition of the need to eradicate the underlying cultural basis and causes of sexism and other forms of group oppression” [11:31]. Wonder, meaning the multiple meanings of the word; amazement and admiration caused by something remarkable or unfamiliar; feelings of doubt; or the desire to understand. Together, feminist and wonder is to recognize many came to a feminist scholarship for different, often personal, sometimes painful, reasons. We stayed as the plurality of feminisms opened to worlds of wonder, destabilizing our senses, transforming our personal experiences into political tools and research methods.

The working group is a result of a workshop at CSCW Oct 2023