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Excursion to ‘Trädgård på spåret’

Today’s excursion went to Trädgård på spåret, probably the largest urban farm in the Stockholm area. It was raining this morning and it contributed to the strong sense of atmosphere in the place at 9 am, the old rail road tracks in the south of Södermalm in Stockholm, had a very distinct urban feeling.


Reinventing use of urban land

The place is considerably larger than the earlier farms we visited, and interestingly enough the old tracks are placed just beside a very cute allotment garden, which in turn further enhances the distinctive feeling of the place.


The allotment gardens in the background

The tracks are clearly a part of the garden.


The tracks

The pallet rims have their individual sponsors and the gardens also contain a small café and a outdoor scene, created by pallets.The graffiti on the walls makes a nice background to the plants.


Graffiti and greens.



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