Urban farming

Researchers from Södertörn University blogs about urban farming and digital practices.

Link library

Urban farms in Sweden

  • pasparet.org
    Urban farm on a deserted train track in central Stockholm.
  • areal127.se/
    Urban farming in the Stockholm suburb Bredäng.
  • Bagisodlarna
    Urban farmers building a forest garden in the Stockholm suburb Bagarmossen.

Urban farms abroad


Initiatives, organisations, projects and blogs

  • http://www.urbanfarm.org/
    Blog that provides practical and educational knowledge about how to successfully grow, harvest, and share food.
  • http://www.stadsbruk.se/
    Project aiming at utilizing land not used, creating jobs and contributing to a green, ecological city.


  • http://boodla.se/
    Company dedicated to building organic accommodation gardens and school gardens as a way to create a sustainable future, both socially and environmentally.
  • http://www.urbio.se/
    Landscape architects that want to improve the quality of life in the cities of tomorrow.


Values in social media and interaction design


Related links on sustainability and/or food production