Urban farming

Researchers from Södertörn University blogs about urban farming and digital practices.

Excursion to ‘Trädgård på spåret’

Today’s excursion went to Trädgård på spåret, probably the largest urban farm in the Stockholm area. It was raining this morning and it contributed to the strong sense of atmosphere in the place at 9 am, the old rail road tracks in the south of Södermalm in Stockholm, had a very distinct urban feeling.


Reinventing use of urban land

The place is considerably larger than the earlier farms we visited, and interestingly enough the old tracks are placed just beside a very cute allotment garden, which in turn further enhances the distinctive feeling of the place.


The allotment gardens in the background

The tracks are clearly a part of the garden.


The tracks

The pallet rims have their individual sponsors and the gardens also contain a small café and a outdoor scene, created by pallets.The graffiti on the walls makes a nice background to the plants.


Graffiti and greens.



Quick notes from an excursion to four urban farms in Stockholm

We wanted to find out more about what actually goes on in some of the urban farms in the Stockholm area. It is early in the growing season but there were visible traces of activities going on at the urban farms we visited. We wanted to explore various sites.

The first one was Boodla. It is part of a community called Sustopia which is placed in Botkyrka in the south of Stockholm. It is a hub for various projects regarding sustainability and community and related to Botkyrka municipality, thus not a grass root movement.


Boodlas smålotter

The second visit was at Areal 127 in Bredäng. This is an initiative of the local community and it makes use of the local gathering area close to a playground and an open area theatre.


Areal 127


Areal 127

The third site we visited was Folkodlarna i Skarpnäck. This is a site oriented towards the local community, allowing preschool children to use their area to grow crops. The colourful pallet rims below belongs to different kindergartens.


Folkodlarna i Skarpnäck

A fourth site is designed as a forest garden, with permanent plants and herbs.It is situated in Bagarmossen and called Bagisodlarna.




Urban farming takes place at Nordiska trädgårdar

One of the first tasks in our project is to learn more about the activists in the urban gardening communities, and this year several groups exhibited their work at the Nordic Gardens Fair that took place in Älvsjö, Stockholm. We were particularly interested in the way that the communities present themselves and which ideas they would put in front to show their activities.

These were some of our impressions:

IMG_3427 IMG_3430 IMG_3437 IMG_3439 IMG_3452 IMG_3459 IMG_3467