About the network

The MeMiBaS network gathers scholars around the Baltic Sea to investigate the intersections of media, memory and migration from a historical perspective. We understand the Baltic Sea Region as a transnational space, which has been constructed through mediated communication over history. The central idea of the network is to understand migration history in connection to media history and in connection to the discursive construction of “space” within the Baltic Sea region: How did media negotiate forced and other migration over history in countries around the Baltic Sea? How did media thereby contribute to constructing the region as a “communicative space”, a mediated space of migration? Our goal is, through a theoretical triangulation of media, memory and migration, to point at historical trajectories to understand migration phenomena and their relation to media in the past as well as today.

Responsible for website: Philipp Seuferling, Hans-Ulrich Wagner

Photo: Exhibition scene at the Stiftung Haus der Geschichte, Bonn  | © Hans-Ulrich Wagner