Ett forskningsprojekt om migranters berättelser i asylprocessen

Participate in the project

What is your story?

Are you an asylum seeker? Do you speak Russian, Turkish or English? Are you in the middle of the asylum process and have not yet had an asylum interview with the Migration Agency?

Do you want to help generate knowledge that can be used to improve the asylum process? Do you want to have your opinion heard and share your experiences and impressions of the asylum investigation? Would you feel comfortable and secure if a researcher shadowed you during the asylum process?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are invited to participate in the research project Migrants’ Narratives in the asylum process. We are three linguists that study the role of communication in asylum investigations. We have expertise in researching oral interactions, texts, translation and interpreting.

We are looking for participants in two studies:

  1. In the first study, we follow applicants during the asylum process. We address applicants from former Soviet Republics, as well as applicants who can communicate in Russian, Turkish or English.
  2. In the second study we interview individuals with experience from asylum investigations: asylum applicants, representatives from non-governmental and charity organizations, interpreters, public counsels and investigators in the Migration Agency. In this study, we focus on asylum investigations with applicants from former Soviet Republics.

Read more about the project Migrants’ narratives in the asylum process

Interpreters, public counsel and volunteers

We would also like to be in contact with interpreters, assigned counsel and private individuals who support Russian-speaking asylum seekers and are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with us and participate in the research project. We also hope that some of these people will be able to help us get in contact with Russian-speaking asylum seekers.

Our ethical guidelines

As researchers, we guarantee the anonymity and secrecy of the participants. All sensitive information will be treated with great discretion. Our research project is approved by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority a public authority supervising the ethics of research that involves humans. You can find more information here about the process we follow in order to ensure good research practice.

We want to stress that both the researchers and the research project are independent of the Swedish Migration Agency. We do not have any influence on the decision taken by the Agency, and our role is not to help any of the participants involved in the asylum investigation.

Contact details

You can get in contact with us at the following e-mail address:

You can also call us:
Hanna Sofia Rehnberg: 08-608 50 45
Zoe Nikolaidou (Turkish speaker): 08-608 44 74
Cecilia Wadensjö (Russian speaker): 08-16 47 26

Write in Swedish, English, Russian, Turkish, French or Greek. Leave your number if you want us to call you back.