Ett forskningsprojekt om migranters berättelser i asylprocessen


The project Migrant Narratives in the Asylum Process:

  • Examines how the narrative about the asylum seeker is shaped and reshaped during the asylum process.
  • Focuses on the Swedish Migration Agency’s interviews with asylum seekers and on the communication between the asylum seeker and the assigned counsel.
  • Seeks to answers the following questions:
    • How is the narrative about the asylum seeker co-constructed by the asylum seeker, the caseworker, the interpreter and the assigned counsel?
    • How does the narrative change when it is converted from an oral into a written version in the Migration Agency’s draft decisions?
    • How is the asylum seeker’s identity constructed during the interviews, in the meetings with the assigned counsel and in the written documentation?
    • How do the participants experience the interaction that takes place during the asylum interview and how do they make sense of the written documentation?
  • Is led by three researchers on language and communication: Hanna Sofia Rehnberg (project leader, Södertörn University), Zoe Nikolaidou (Södertörn University) and Cecilia Wadensjö (Stockholm University).
  • Is a project funded for three years, 2018-2020.
  • Is funded by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies.
  • Is an independent project, not related to the Swedish Migration Agency.

We would like to be in contact with asylum seekers speaking Russian, Arabic or Turkic languages (i.e. Turkish or Uzbek) who want to participate in the research project. We would also like to be in contact with interpreters, assigned counsel and private individuals who support  asylum seekers. You can find more information in this Call for Participants

If you are an Arabic-speaker you also need to speak English in order to participate in the project as, unfortunately, none of us speaks Arabic.